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Captivate Hospitality - Thursday, August 07, 2014

Are you looking for an Indian restaurant in Crawley.

When looking for a high quality Indian Restaurant in Crawley. Look no further than Taj Mahal, located near Crawley train station. With the recent refurbishment, the interior really suits the cuisine, it really is fine dining at its finest. 

The food really compliments the fine interior where there is room for any occasion. You can have a drink  or a cocktail at the bar as a pre or post dinner drink. The wine list is also a great new addition and the Taj Mahal Crawley has a great selection of red, white and rose wine. that is not something that you can say of many other Indian restaurants.

A real good place to go for an Indian dinner, this is no average curry restaurant and all guests need to be forewarned with this fact before they go to eat at this restaurant.